Monday, December 26, 2005

Cycling and the Winter

So here's the dilemma, my beautiful girlfriend has got me hooked on roadcycling over the last summer. I truly love the sport, and having quit smoking recently, it's the perfect outlet for all the pent up energy that comes along with quitting; not to mention it helps to fight the enormous weight gain issue.

When the weather's nice, it's the greatest sport in the world, when it's dark at 4:30, 35 degrees before you count the wind, and slushy, it's for mountainbiker's only, and I am not one of those people!!!!! (not that there's anything wrong with that).

So, what to do? Luckily, in New York, we've had an indian summer, and today, the day after christmas, it's 50 degrees (although raining). But should the weather drop down to average winter temperatures anytime soon, there will be no riding without serious warming gear, and even with that, when you do over 40 minutes in such weather, your butt cheeks tend to freeze. It's not comfortable.

So the girlfriend bought me a fantastic book, by David Morris, Performance Cycling,
which I find quite helpful, but I now have found out that, of course, there are inumerable amounts of competing winter training theories out there. While Morris' book has what appears to be a very focused workout schedule, I've also consulted some of my friends who work out regularly with resistance, and now have several competing programs to consider. The goal is to gain strength to become more competitive for the upcoming season. It's only my first real year training to compete in roadraces.

The other dilemma is whether to consult a cycling trainer or not. But of course that's very expensive, and surely will entail laboratory tests that are extremely expensive. Sigh...

Must find answers soon......


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