Monday, December 26, 2005

More on Cycling Resistance Training

As I've discussed before, there are competing theories on what to do in the winter to gain strength while your bike gathers dust in the closet -- unless, of course, you live in a warm climate -- so I've been trying to find some links to help.

The Morris book I linked below led me to draft this schedule:

10-20 mins cardio (to warmup, loosen muscles)

10 mins stretching

Free squats
Stiff legged dead lifts
Inclined dumbbell press (chest)
Inclined leg press (machine)
Lat pulldowns
Hammy curls

(as an aside, he also does recommend and list some ab/mid section workouts that I intend to do on the easy/off cardio days)

basically, you do this particular workout 2-4 times a week, with varying degrees of resistance, depending on your max, and with varying degrees of volume, depending on the resistance, for about 8 weeks total, then you get into a very serious cycling training program focused on what races you want to compete in.

However, I've also found this nifty schedule and discussion on

I've also developed a wonderful full body resistance workout with my friends. It seems I must now make a hybrid workout schedule to accomodate my own goals. Perhaps I will adapt the upper body workout of my full body schedule into the off/easy days of the cycling workout schedule, and combine the leg workouts of the two schedules above for the on/hard days of the cycling workout. What a task!

Wish me luck.


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