Thursday, December 29, 2005

Strength Training and Cycling... continued...

So I now have a laundry list of reading before I settle down on any workout schedules for the upcoming season. One issue I'll no doubt face is that I should have had a workout plan figured out about two months ago, and should be right in the middle of it now, but such is life. I'm a novice!!!

Anyhow, not only do I have cycling training books to read:

Lance Armstrong (of course)

Chris Carmichael (he has a foodie book too I think I'd like)

Joe Friel (the bible)

But I've also been led to some weight training books as well:

Cycling Specific

Training and the Anatomy

Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding


Brother Iron, Sister Steel

And even a mental focus, Iron Mind book.

Ok, so since I've just finished re-reading The Lord of the Rings, I think I can settle down with these several books to get the new year started, what you think?


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