Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Biden Says Something Intelligent....

Joe Biden, the senator who was the undisputed champion of the "who said something ridiculously stupid" contest during the Alito hearings, finally says something all of us agree with: the Senate should scrap the whole hearing process and go right to the floor debate.

I've thought this for a long time. If we know the nominee is a wizbane, and we know what we object to is really their ideology, and are left to pointing out ancient associations and off-the-cuff remarks from their days in a frat-house, why give the sage the opportunity to rehabilitate any of the bad information with a hearing? If you can't figuratively "Bork" the candidate, that is, make them look like an ill-tempered lunatic, then just get on the floor, say they are too ideological and have bad associations in their past, and vote NO. Seems to me this calculus is elementary. If you try and fail, you look like, well, Ted or Joe. yipes....


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