Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Confirmation Report - Alito Goes a Long Way: But he's still no John Roberts. By Dahlia Lithwick

I guess it's a good sign for Alito that Lithwick is reduced to mocking his opening statement as too snobby for "The Graduate" generation hippies. It begs to me the question: Does she think O'Connor was a hippie? Does she think Ginsburg was a hippie? Having met both and heard them speak off the record, I am quite sure they would frown upon the actions of the people Alito is poo-pooing.

Of course, had Alito stated that he was busy getting high with those people in Princeton, the left would pounce on that as well. Damned if you do... nevermind.

Read more at www.slate.com/id/213405...


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