Thursday, January 19, 2006

Major Concession From Osama Bin Laden

Today's news that Osama has offered a truce is amazing, totally unforeseen news in this war. Some see it as a major victory for the United States, in the sense that Osama has actually offered a truce, but I differ in one respect. Yes, traditionally in war, when someone "sues for peace" they are on the losing side or have come to the conclusion that it is a stalemate. We had this dilemna in the Vietnam War when we realized that the North was willing to literally sacrifice millions of men for their victory. However, this is the first global, and most unconventional war ever fought. There is no particular position to be had, or lost. There is no border that has been breached, no geographical boundary like the Rhine or Seine. Bin Laden has been in hiding for years, and has escaped our grasp, he is not, I don't believe, up against a wall. I thus don't see how he could be trying to cut his losses when he seems to have an endless supply of men willing to die for him.

However, I think the major concession for Bin Laden really was his acknowledgement, indirectly, that his efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan have made him the bad guy in muslim countries. More and more is being written about the fighting between the "insurgents" and the Kurds and other natives of Iraq. Osama may finally realize that bombing weddings and mosques is really not making anyone come to his corner in the Middle East.

I actually thought it would be a long time until he tried to hit us again, simply because it at first caused us to attack Iraq, which is likely something he wanted to a certain degree. He probably didn't realize that there would be a tightrope act when we actually got here, and his men are not necessarilly keeping their balance.

Any concession is a good concession. What were the terms of that truce???


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